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Hand Gunz High Cypher ft. Zon3

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“The sky’s the limit when you’re talented and different.” Noble, a Long Island raised
artist, has produced and created beats, studied musical theory, and performed on
Broadway, all before the age of sixteen. Now sixteen and perusing alternative hip-hop,
the confident Noble has taken his musical and vocal talents to another level.

“A girl I used to date name Destiny called.” As a young child, it was apparent he was
destined for creative greatness, and by the age eight, Noble had already performed in
a number of Broadway plays. Always confident and vocal, he expressed his desires
to leave the performing arts and entered the hip-hop world. At age 11, he received
his first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) entitled Magic’s Music Manager and from
that point on creating beatings was no longer an option. “Whatever I can’t convey hard
enough through singing, I rap.” Noble is a multifaceted artist who can sing, rap, play
instruments, write sheet music and lyrics, create beats, and produce.

“I am a firm believe that artists need to stick together. That’s why I feel, there’s so much
hate between some artists. All the hate is just disrespectful to the art, period. Artists
inspire other artists, plain and simple.” Noble enjoys the likes of Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa,
Lil B, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Wu-tang Clan. He is influenced by artists who are confident,
unique, comfortable in their own skin, and who have built a sturdy fan base. However,
Noble gains most of his inspiration from his life experiences.

Fearless when creating rhythmic beats with a wide range of provocative styles and
catchy samples, Noble is not afraid to tamper with the 808 side and rap/hip-hop
collaboration. Currently, Noble is working on an EP album, which is sponsored by
his #11m10 production label and another album which is sponsored by #11m10 and
The Savage Life, an indie label. “These albums give a real reference to who I am as
a person now in life. I only ask that people listen to my music with an open mind and

Noble’s motto that he always lives by is “things will get better and be yourself because
at the end it’s all you can be.”

For those who are interested in connecting with Noble, he can be found posting his
thoughts on Tumblr (noblesnobody.tumblr.com) and musical projects on Bandcamp


PBS Family

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Shouts out to my hometown! Uniondale!


"The Return of the Real" - GOTTZ MCFLY

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"I grew up with so many different music genres. With my dad as a professional musician and mom literally starting and ending days with the radio as her bible, I got exposed to music as a whole package. With this as the foundation of Mar Variations, I can take any joint or lyric and flip it the way I would love to hear it." Mar.

Mar Variation - Single



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Cali love to one of my favorite producers and now one of my favorite music artists. He brings us his first single off his album “Gumbeaux” which is currently in the works.


Gottz McFly @ Passion Lounge 8/26/10

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First Look Sessions: October 14, 2010

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Hosted By:
Tasheik Devane of The National Museum Of Hip Hop
& DJ Scoop of Fleet DJ's & Fresh Produce

Judged By: Leading Industry Professionals (TBA)

GRAND PRIZE: An Artist Development Package Worth $2,500

New York get ready for your chance to be a part of a new industry standard talent showcase. We are looking for ALL genres of music: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Reggae, etc. Virtual submissions start August 30th thru October 1st, 2010 and only 15 slots are available. So, if you think you have that raw, unique talent that the industry is missing, submit your YouTube video or audio performance file to firstlooksessions@gmail.com for your chance to be considered.

Space is limited and we know there are many talented acts out there so hurry and enter for your chance to grace the stage and give us that First Look!

But Wait! Live out of state? Want to join us? We will fly ONE lucky contestant Round Trip to NYC from any of the 50 states! That's right! If you live in LA, ATL, MIA, or Hawaii we will fly you to New York City*, so here's your lucky chance to show us your what the game's been missing. Remember only ONE solo artist can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.


www.firstlooksessions.com for terms & conditions


Video of the Week: Nel Motzy Esq

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Strong Island's Very Own, Gottz Mcfly

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Born and raised in Hempstead, New York to a single mother of west indian decent, Gottz McFly embodies a similar start to all of hip hops legends. Growing up as the youngest member of a poor middle class family showed him the principles of being his brothers' keeper as well as family values. Without the proper guidance from his father, Gottz looked up to his older brothers and cousins who participated in the gang life as well as the drug game. Similar to a domino affect Gottz followed in their footsteps and slowly learned the rules of the game. After a brief run in with the law, Gottz realized this was not the life he wanted for himself. Instead he used his talent as means to show everyone what he has seen and been through growing up in Hempstead. Now at 21, he is finally getting the recognition that he always yearned for as well as the respect from his peers. With his unique style and lyrical wordplay he fuses his harsh upbringing with his new found fly lifestyle to create music that connects with everyone on every level. Gottz McFly will not only change the face of hip hop but will single handily elevate the game itself.




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These are the first two songs to be released from the upcoming mixtape by HeatRoc & *PriCeLeSs* called “Real World Mixtape.” Release date TBA. HeatRoc & *PriCeLeSs* have created their first project as a compilation of songs collaborating with different artists. It is a combination of sampled driven beats and original soundscapes. Artists in the project will include D/WiLL, Pheo, The Machine, Punchline, Cali Nate, Flo'z, Carnegie, Mista Mista, Faimkills, Jayce Miguel, Choze, Eric Vintage and many more.

HeatRoc & *PriCeLeSs* Contact Info:



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Dress To Impress! There will be Photographers, Vidoegraphers and Media Present! (NO SNEAKERS or JEANS)


SPECIAL OFFER $5.oo per Ticket


Proceeds are going to HIV/AIDS AWARENESS www.friendsindeed.org

AE Studios LIC
39-06 Crescent Street
(Off the corner of 39th Ave)
Long Island City, NY 11101
718-606-0416 p 646-339-6038 c

Located across from the bridge from Midtown Manhattan. Minutes form Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island.

Take the 7, N or W Train to QueensBoro Plaza Station Get off on the NORTH side exit. You will be on Queens Blvd. Make a RIGHT on Crescent Street. when on Crescent Street walk 3 blocks NORTH to 39th Street. AE Studios is on the corner left hand side.

** Glam Addiction By Tyesha Lane

** ImaniLia By Imani Whyte

** Eminent Fash By Larissa Muehleder

** DREAMCLOTH By Nasir "NIRO" Lucas Womens Stylist Krys

** C.L.E.V.A. By Tasha Syieda

** Emigee Couture By Matthew Graham

**Sweet N Salty Inc By Akilah Stewart

Skillful Rap Artist BOSS FACE www.brookzhope.com

Sensational R&B Artist J-Eye www.jeyemusic.com

Hip-Hop Artist Deena Jonez "The Dream Girl" www.deenajonez.com

Young Fresh Rap/Hip-Hop Artist Emperor www.myspace.com/thedonofalldons1


Under the Radar Presents Singer CheekiPowPow

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Cheeki's debut Album is totally here?!

CheekiPowPow’s long-awaited first project is here! As of 11:59 on May 30th. “Hear Me Roar” has been available for free download via various media outlets, particularly: Reverbnation, and Datpiff.com. This album is the perfect marriage of mixtape she-mixes and original songs, which is why Cheeki often refers to it as her Malbum (mixtape/album) This started with her re-mix of Kid Cudi’s ‘Day N Night’ which has accumulated approximately 30,000 listens/views via myspace and youtube.

Although she can be considered a rookie when it comes to "the business," shes been at it her whole life and her singing and unique writing ability compensate greatly for what she is still learning. Cheeki is independently releasing “Hear Me Roar” but has help from credentialed producer Skyz Muzik and popular up and coming rapper GreggSelf. Producer/graphic designer Prophecy, is also responsible for producing some of Cheeki’s best records. She is currently being guided by a number of reputable moguls but is still seeking a manager that fits her style, energy, drive and vision.
Nevertheless, Cheeki is embarking on the release of her freshman album, the writing and most of the production for her EP is nearly completed. She plans to have a 5 song second introduction to the music world - out by early 2011. Her next moves include the formation of a band for a more engaging live performance. Auditioning for musicals +Modeling and performing more in shows in which she can be a featured act. No Grind no shine, right?


Tattoo Series: Weekend at Onestroke Tattoos

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Check out what a weekend is like at Onestroke Tattoos in Queens. This is going to be my spot for when I'm home Long Island because I got a spot for when I'm away at school. So if by any chance you want to get tatted or pierced up go to Onestroke Tattoos and tell them Tai Boogy sent you!


onestroke tattoo gallery
233-10 merrick blvd
queens ny 11422
(718) 276-7151


TATTOO SERIES: Interview with Sky

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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I was first attracted to graffiti immediately after watching the movie BeatStreet and couldn’t be caught without a piecebook, marker, or can of paint until one day I was and vowed to take a different route with my talent. At the age of 17 I knew without any doubt that I wanted to design products. After earning my BFA in Industrial Design from The Cleveland Institute of Art, working for and with many world-renowned companies such as Motorola, Pitney Bowes, and Nike, I learned to silkscreen and developed an Information Apparel company that ran successfully for 5 years. Then, feeling the need to return to my very first love of painting and working with letters I found tattooing to be the first perfect fit.
I’m also a Capricorn and my favorite color is baby blue.

What drew you into getting tattoos in the first place?

Initially, my attraction was to have something visibly permanent that had significant personal symbolism, then later as I acquired more, some of the focus, had become more decorative.

Which tattoo was your first? Why did you get it?

My first tattoo, which was an original piece, I had designed and got when I was 24 as a college graduation present symbolized where I had been, where I was, and where I wanted to go in my life to help focus me when life’s path becomes blurry.

Which tattoo would you say is the closest to your heart? Why?

My daughter’s portrait. No explanation needed is there?

What would you say is your motivation for getting your tattoos?

Although I am continuing to add portraits of family and close friends to my right arm, lately I’ve been wanting to decorate and graphically balance my body with impressive, well thought out images. No impulse stuff. Besides, my daughter says I don’t have enough tattoos to look like a tattoo artist.

What made you want to become a tattoo artist? Why?

Oddly enough, as someone who was formally trained as a product designer, I had no intention of ever even imagining myself as a tattoo artist until a fellow graffiti artist (Twig - Inked) who had been doing well in Las Vegas came home to visit and blessed me with a custom machine telling met that it was my calling, that I became excited about tattooing.

Which tattoo you would say hurt you the most and then which one hurt you the least? And Why?

The artist that taught me the craft (Gus Turner), that does all my portraits is somewhat heavy handed, so they hurt the most. The least painful was a back of the forearm piece from my man, D-Tatstar at OneStroke. I think because he just has the touch.

If you could choose any tattoo artist to tattoo you, whom would you choose? And Why?

There are so many good artists out there now that I would love to get ink from, but for me, getting ink has to have spiritual connection. Otherwise, no matter how good the work is, if I’m not feelin’ you then your work means little to me. However, if I had to choose, it would be from all my Cleveland peoples who sling ink right now all around the country.

What's next for you in the future?

As for the immediate future, I plan to learn as much as I can about my craft, develop my style and grow closer to my N.Y. family. As for the long term? Hell, I might run for president. Who knows.

Any last words for the people that are reading this right now?

Find at least one of many gifts given to everyone by the Creator that speaks to your soul, develop it relentlessly, continue to learn and grow all while sharing it with the world. Oh, and tip your tat artist.

onestroke tattoo gallery
233-10 merrick blvd
queens ny 11422
(718) 276-7151



TATTOO SERIES: Interview with Tattoo Artist Terrell Middlebrooks

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The name is Terrell Middlebrooks. I’m from Queens, New York town of Laurelton and Rosedale, covering and representing hard! I’m 20 years of age at the moment, and I tattoo at OneStroke tattoos 233-10 Merrick Blvd. I ride BMX and chill every now and then. I've been doodling on paper and anything else you can write on since i can remember. I was always in art class in middle school so after that I decided to go to the High school of Art & Design. There I took classes in graphic design and graduated in 2007. That summer was when I started apprenticing at OneStroke and learning the trade from Derrick Verley.

Question: What drew you into getting tattoos in the first place?

Terrell: Well one, my pops was always coming home with new tattoos for a while when I was a kid. That’s what drew me into tattoos back in like ’94. When I got to high school in the city I would always go to the village checking out the parlors down there getting some ideas and trying to get them to tattoo me even though I was underage. I now know how much that bothers the artist to actually consult a person on a tattoo then find out there not even old enough to get the tattoo but I didn't know any better. But I would always bother my mom and tell her I was getting one and there amazing and like u get to choose that permanent outfit.

Which tattoo was your first? Why did you get it?

Terrell: My New York City token, prior to that I tried tattooing myself. I got it because I grew up riding the trains and buses…it’s a part of me. If I could remember anything from my childhood is riding the E train to the 7 train. Plus dropping my grandfather off at the train yard. I used the whole day on the bus, driving around with my aunt because she drives the buses. I just remembered that, wow.

Which tattoo would you say is the closest to your heart? Why?

My New York City token, because it was my first. Most of my family works in the MTA and I’m from New York, how can you go wrong? Best city on Earth.

What would you say is your motivation for getting your tattoos?

Scenarios, scenes pretty much scenarios. Having a good idea I like to capture movement. I like the way movement looks on the body. I like to consider myself an open canvas to good art.

What made you want to become a tattoo artist? Why?

Before I went to high school, I saw this episode of national geographic where this guy was traveling around the world researching tattoos and getting tattooed in the jungle and I thought that was pretty epic. So I made it a career choice at the time, not knowing that I would be doing it four years later.

Which tattoo you would say hurt you the most and then which one hurt you the least? And Why?

The one on my penis hurt the most. I have Godzilla tattooed on my penis. The one in my armpit hurt the least. Its a spaceship abducting a chick.

If you could choose any tattoo artist to tattoo you, whom would you choose? And Why?

I’m bad with choices but I usually go with good artwork, style and individuality of the artist.

What's next for you in the future?

Balancing the artist and business aspect of tattooing and blending my other interest.

Any last words for the people that are reading this right now?

thank you to everybody great appreciations…keep yahh head up like pac said!

onestroke tattoo gallery
233-10 merrick blvd
queens ny 11422
(718) 276-7151


email: terrellink@yahoo.com


Tattoo Series: Interview with Tattoo Artist Richard Parker

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My name is Richard Parker. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I currently attend Wagner College on Staten Island where I major in art and play on the football team. I have also been a tattoo artist for almost 3 years now and continuing to work to perfect my craft.

Question: What drew you into getting tattoos in the first place?

Richard Parker: Tattoos are a very interesting form of art. They are a way for an artist to make his/her work come to life. Personally my tattoos are a way for me to express myself. I was never well with words so images spoke for me.

Question: Which tattoo was your first? Why did you get it?

Richard Parker: My first tattoo that I got was my theater mask, comedy and tragedy. I placed a quote with them that reads "One day a smile, next day a tear" At the time I got the tattoo done I was going through the football recruit process and it was very stressful moment for me with many ups and downs.

Question: Which tattoo would you say is the closest to your heart? Why?

Richard Parker: The tattoo that I feel is closest to my heart is the flipping coin that I have on my ribs. It means, "You take a chance with every choice you make". I did not incorporate the words with the tattoo because I rather let my images explain themselves. I got this tattoo during a critical decision making time of my life when I decided to re enroll myself into school after a year of leave.

Question: What would you say is your motivation for getting your tattoos?
Richard Parker: All my tattoos I have I get done are done during times of my life that I feel are very significant for me to remember and reflect on because they helped build my character.

Question: What made you want to become a tattoo artist? Why?
Richard Parker: I never set out to become a tattoo artist but I am grateful that the opportunity was presented to me. My friends played a big role on my decision to pick up the craft.

Question: Which tattoo you would say hurt you the most and then which one hurt you the least? And Why?
Richard Parker: The tattoo that hurt the most was probably the one that I have on right side. Ironically the tattoo that hurt me the least was my first tattoo, which is on my left bicep.

Question: If you could choose any tattoo artist to tattoo you, who would you choose? And Why?
Richard Parker: If I could choose any artist to tattoo me it would either have to be Miya Bailey or Mr. Cartoon. I am moved by their work and as well as their drive to uplift urban art.

Question: What's next for you in the future?
Richard Parker: As of now my main focus is to improve the quality of my work and branding my name as an artist. My work speaks for itself but marketing my name is essential if I want to continue to be successful in this business.

Question: Any last words for the people that are reading this right now?
Richard Parker: I appreciate the fact that you took the time out to read up on me. Thank you.

onestroke tattoo gallery
233-10 merrick blvd
queens ny 11422
(718) 276-7151


TATTOO SERIES: Interview with Onestroke Tattoo Gallery Owner Derrick Verley aka Dtatstar

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Derrick Verley aka Dtatstar is the owner and head artist of OneStroke Tattoo. He considers himself a student of this game. “I don’t think I can reach the end or top of my game; with me there is always room for personal improvement.” He is easy going and doesn’t take anything to serious because in his eyes “life is life.”

Question: What drew you into getting tattoos in the first place?

Dtatstar: Honestly I got my first tattoo when I decided to quit my actual job, it was a sign of freedom; I knew in my head I wasn’t going back!

Question: Which tattoo was your first? Why did you get it?

Dtatstar: My first tattoo was a large scorpion on my left bicep! It is my zodiac sign as well as my version of the typical "I want something but don’t quite know what to get" tattoo. I later ended up covering it up with a sleeve of dragons.

Question: Which tattoo would you say is the closest to your heart? Why?

Dtatstar: If I had to choose I would say its my whole back tattoo, mainly because it was the first tattoo where I knew what i wanted and it came out exactly how i pictured (even though it is a cover up piece) it was my choice, my design, and my vision.

Question: What would you say is your motivation for getting your tattoos?

Dtatstar: I really don’t have a specific motivation for going under the needle. I’d be lying if I said it was some soul searching purpose behind me getting tattooed.

Question: What made you want to become a tattoo artist? Why?

Dtatstar: On the other hand as far as giving them my motivation is putting out the best artistic interpretation of my clients’ ideas. I feel if you've been giving tattoos for any amount of years and your style, creative flow, or mindset doesn’t grow or change...what are you really in this business for?

Question: Which tattoo you would say hurt you the most and then which one hurt you the least? And why?

Dtatstar: The hand tattoo that I did myself possibly hurt me the least, but my back piece was the most painful... it was a collective of 17 hours and it took a lot out of me!

Question: If you could choose any tattoo artist to tattoo you, who would you choose? And Why?

Dtatstar: This is a hard question for me, I respect a lot of artists work but I don’t have any specific artist that I would say I have a need to be tattooed by. There are many talented men and women in the game and I send kudos to them all but I would be lying if I said I had 1 personal favorite.

Question: What's next for you in the future?

Dtatstar: Whatever the lovely Ms. BGirard puts in my lap!

Question: Any last words for the people that are reading this right now?

Dtatstar: "They say I’m alright, so come get tattooed by me, and you be the judge!" - D.Verley

Onestroke Tattoo Gallery
233-10 Merrick bBvd
Queens, NY 11422
(718) 276-7151

Checkout http://84area.com/


Photographer: Tiffany Young

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Tiffany Young is an aspiring Digital Photographer that has graduated with an Associate's in Digital Photography from Briarcliffe College May 2010. She is a Portrait and Event photographer from the Long Island area. Tiffany has always been ambitious, hard working, and dedicated. Even though she has only been serious about photography for only a few years she has accelerated and gained deep passion for her craft.
Nasty Tai Boogy: What is your inspiration for photography, like what made you want to get into it?
Tiffany Young: My inspiration for photography is the ability to tell a story with one photo. I always was the kid with the video camera and camera messing with everyone and when I got in HS and started to learn about photography I really became interested and wanted to make it a career.
Nasty Tai Boogy: 5 years from now where do you see yourself or where would you like to be in your career?
Tiffany Young: Five yrs from now I see myself traveling with a celebrity or working in a well known studio as a portrait or event photographer.
Nasty Tai Boogy: If you were a superhero, what would be your powers and why?
Tiffany Young: If I was a superhero wow who asks questions like this LOL but I would wanna be invisible girl from fantastic 4 so I can get photos that I would never be able to get.

Contact Info
Phone: 516-232-5691


Deena Jonez - Kings County

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TATTOO SERIES: Interview with BGirard

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CEO//Founder of 84Area( http://84Area.com) Sheldon Thibou interviewed Britanie Girard a couple of months ago and this is what went down!

Sheldon Thibou: Who is your inspiration that got you started in piercing?

BGirard: When I was younger I was amazed by the discovery channel and different history books about African cultures. It was crazy to me how they adorned themselves in different symbolic ways, it went from piercing nose bones to stretching ear lobes and neck rings. I was intrigued with their methods of worship.

Sheldon Thibou: What makes you want to do body modifications?

BGirard: I love being able to gain a total strangers trust! Its true I am a bit of a control freak, as well as I enjoy advancing my clients physical/mental strength levels. I’ve learned that people use piercings and tattoos as a tool to take them from one point in life to another. It’s a different feeling being chosen as the person to take them on that journey. When I was younger I used to practice my methods on myself; it was a training tool that allowed me to know what type of “pain” I was putting my clients under. I guess it’s the rush that I because attached to; it’s my drive to learn more and more each day I pierce!

Sheldon Thibou: Where in the world would you travel to if you could right now?

BGirard: Honestly, I’m where I want to be right now. I just made my complete move to Queens NY to take over management of One Stroke tattoo gallery. It’s been a wonderful experience, the artists here are amazing, not to say my old shops artists weren’t; but I feel this was the business/personal move I needed at this point in my career. My expansion from West coast to East coast has really opened a lot of doors for me. My next move will be somewhere in Europe, I believe the body modification business out that way is definitely on a different level and I can wait to soak up that information.

Sheldon Thibou: When do you think you will stop gauging your ears?

BGirard: I will probably do about 2 move gauges up then I’m finished, but I am going to pierce two more holes in them and will be gauging those as well. I won’t do those as big as my lower earlobes though I will most likely go to a 2 or 0 gauge and be done.

Sheldon Thibou: Why did you start in piercing?

BGirard: I was 14 years old, a friend of mine wanted her 2 ear hole and no one would let her do it. So we were at the house bored out of our minds and she asks me if I had a needle. I was rather confused because up to this point I had never thought about actually doing the piercings myself. She gets some ice out of the freezer and has it on her ear for about 20 minutes; then tells me she’s ready! I held a quarter on the back of her ear to give a stronger base so the needle would go through easier (or so I thought), and BAM I jabbed the safety pin straight into it. I’d never heard a scream so loud, I fell on the floor laughing because I really didn’t know what else to do. She turned red… the needle was sticking through and it was time to put jewelry in. The 2nd ear wasn’t so bad because she pretty much knew what she was in for, her ears healed up pretty well and that was the beginning of my being a certified Needle Freak. I started reading more, started visiting the local shops in the city I lived in, and because of my age I couldn’t really get any professional guidance. They told me books to read and said if I was serious I’d train myself until I turned 17 then I could come and apprentice. So that’s exactly what I did…. More of my friends let me use them as pin cushions, and as weird as it sounds my desire for their screams became my full focus.





One Stroke Tattoo

233-10 Merrick blvd

Queens NY 11422

(718) 276-7151




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Britanie Girard; I'm 27 years old, born October 20th, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a true character at heart, always finding a way to amuse myself within my daily life. I ride horses, sing, enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones, and I’m in the process of achieving higher educational goals. I have been blessed with many diverse modeling opportunities from music videos of all different genres, I’ve done a few fashion shows, as well as representing a few different urban & couture clothing lines. Just recently I branched my management/promotions company B.Girard Ink., it caters to the lifestyle inside and behind the scenes of the tattoo society. I have a desire to build a network of artists that are truly in love with the jobs they take on. Within the next few months I plan to bring the art back into the Los Angeles breed of Ink Fein.

Currently i represent a team of amazing, creative artists that specialize in different styles of tattoo design including but not limited to freehand script, custom Aztec artwork, realistic portraits, Japanese/Asian Artwork, freestyle designs, etc. In addition to my 10 years of experience in the lifestyle that follows body modifications, I have been blessed with the gift of becoming a skilled body piercer. I’ve studied, apprenticed, and trained in the art of “Sticking” my clients in all the right places; since the tender age of 14, I can definitely say I’ve poked holes in every imaginable place on the human body (even the un-imaginable).

You can say I'm a total Ink Fein seeing as though I love everything about getting tattooed. Most ask me if it hurts, or am I ever going to be finished, or do I regret any of my work……… My only response is “I love each and every piece of ink that I have allowed to be placed on my skin; as far as the pain aspect goes I rarely feel pain when I'm getting tattooed.” I usually go to sleep to be perfectly honest; I use my fetish for getting tattooed to release the stresses of daily life. I have my right arm sleeved from my neck to the top of my hand, it’s my favorite piece of work yet, It’s an Egyptian Sleeve, displaying my sister Jenell and myself as Isis and Nefertiti. My sister is a big part of my life and I wanted to mix my love for her and my infatuation of Egyptian art and history together to create a masterpiece; I believe I hit my target perfectly. I have a few different projects I’m still finishing, but I’m in no rush I love being under the needle!

Britanie Girard




Email for appointments:


For booking inquiries