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On her birth certificate her name is Jasmine B. Jamison but some of her nicknames are Jaz, Jazzy Jaz, Jazzy Phe, Jamie, Juice, Juicy Fruit, Munch, Cherrylips. 19 years old reppin' Queens, New York decided that she wanted to start her own clothing line called Cherrylips Designs.


Turn ons: Ice cream, Chocolate, Horror Movies, Great Fashion, Bono, Dogs, Europe, Foreign Countries, Eye glasses on a man, Older Men, and Manicures
empty promises, boys that don't use their minds, conceited people, bad choices of clothing, plunging toilets, garbage disposal, hood rat chicks, people who can't talk without cursing, the n word, racism, and insects
Favorite colors:
There is a special place in my heart for Pink, Black, White, Red and Gold.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What were you like in high school?

JASMINE: I was a A+ student and I struggled with anxiety in the 10th grade. I was quiet but had no enemies thank god.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Favorite childhood toy? Favorite toy you have now?

JASMINE: My childhood toys: Baby Born (doll), the Playstation 1 & 2, and my Barbie Collection. Right now my computer is my favorite toy.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What is Cherrylips Designs (CDNY)?

JASMINE: Cherrylips Designs abbr. CDNY (Cherrylips Designs New York) is a lifestyle brand that is the epitome of luxury, wealth, beauty and happiness. The products are for females ages 14 to 100, who embody smarts, sexiness, and charm!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: When did you start Cherrylips Designs? Why?

JASMINE: I started it in Fall 2007. I created Cherrylips Designs because I had the desire to get into the industry and I knew I could make money by displaying my design skills on t-shirts.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What are you future goals?

JASMINE: World Domination lol. I want to be in the industry for a very long time, I want to record music as well, I have a list of goals/missions and I'm checking shit off. I also want a hubby and kids plus a big ass estate in Queens.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What makes CDNY different from other clothing lines?

JASMINE: Well it's my view of the world. The concepts are original, the design and fit is good. It's original to me and the quality is original to America.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Where can we buy Cherrylips Designs?

JASMINE: It's sold exclusively on our website eventually we will be selling at Neiman Marcus, Kitson, Saks, Barneys and other high end boutiques.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What made you want to be apart of the high end, contemporary sportswear market?

JASMINE: Nothing, it just so happens that the products I want to design cost more to make, in other words, higher quality products. The contemporary applies to us but we prefer to create something you've never seen before and pull from the past for a collection. So how contemporary are we? Like 65% maybe.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Do you have any helping hands?

JASMINE: No, right now I handle everything myself and I like it that way, I guess I'm a control freak at work. I've tried to hire people but it just doesn't work. I need someone to be my right hand, someone who gets shit done – a female pimp lol. Hit me up though if you think you can be apart of the team!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What is the industry like today?

JASMINE: Recession, Rag Doll Fashion....I don't even feed into it. It's pretty much like get mine, you get yours. Show your best and come hard or go home baby!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Barbara Kruger Tees...seems like everyone has one why did you hop on the bandwagon?

JASMINE: CDNY didn't hop on no bandwagon, those other tees suck major. We give respect, where respect is due, Barbara is an inspiration to us. You can debate it, Cherrylips Designs has the best Barbara Kruger tees. No other tees can compare!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Are there any clothing designers that you look up to? If so, who?

JASMINE: Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Chanel (Karl, Call me!), Christian Dior, Oscar De La Renta, Marchesa (Georgina & Keren), DVF, Louis Vuitton (Marc & Bernard), Donatella Versace and Carolina Herrera.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What advice would you give to young females who want to go into fashion?

JASMINE: Make sure you do your research and study your craft. Also if your doing this as a hobby or if your trying to make a quick buck then find another industry because this is only for people who live and breathe it.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Tell me what important lessons have you learned through your experiences?

JASMINE: Never, ever give up. Sometimes we try for reach goals that are way out of reach but you got to keep on pushing. Also just be yourself and do what makes you happy.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Your still doing graphic work and your running CDNY, what keeps you from getting drained?

JASMINE: With my PCOS, I'm always fatigue so I just sleep as much as possible. I design for hours at a time, listen to music, avoid the heat, hang out with my friends and family, eat good, and that really does the trick!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Where do you want to go?

JASMINE: Right now I wanna hit up the Southhampton's for a little R&R and drinks. In the future I want to go to Africa and Greece. Wanna join me?

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What are your major pet peeves?

JASMINE: Wasting money on terrible food, Racial Profiling, Dirty Subway Cars (stop polluting the earth), Noisy Cops, Speeding in NY - Really Dumb?, Drunk/Buzz Driving, and Texting While Driving.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: Is there anyone special you would like to collaborate with?

JASMINE: I would love to work with Louis Vuitton. For LV, I would love to design a new line of handbags and accessories for the brand. It would be so devastating.

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What projects are you working on? What's due out next?

Right now I'm working on a website for a new client after that I might take a graphic hiatus. Also, the next and final t-shirt collection will be delivered to your doorstep by Christmas!

NASTY TAI BOOGY: What would be your wildest Cherrylips Designs fantasy?

JASMINE: An appearance on Oprah and to see my gowns on celebs at the Oscars!

Twitter: twitter.com/iluvmuzicxoxo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Cherrylips-Designs/84037546277

Blog: http://cdthequeen.blogspot.com/

Want to rock CDNY? http://cherrylipsdesigns.com/



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