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Rich-P "Ice Cream" Video

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JayVon Phillips

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Artist-Songwriter-Dancer, JayVon Phillips from New York, New York. With JayVon Phillips you have a talented singer with a futuristic sound. From a young age, he has followed in his mother's footsteps with his pursuit of music, training with professionals for most of his music career. In his songs, he displays a smooth, and melodic voice while his lyrics are fun yet strong and emotional when they are needed to be. His lyrics range from songs to make ladies dance to the cosmic nature of relationships.

Behind the pop inspired lyrics and melodic voice is electro inspired production that gives his sound the finishing touch. A majority of the production comes from the talented Geek Squad, who uplift JayVon Phillips with their thoughtful production.

Overall, JayVon Phillips puts on a classic act with his voice, heartfelt lyrics and amazing production. His sound is very new, unique and here to stay.


MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/jayvonphillips


Under the Radar Society Presents: Myneiss

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It’s a new age for music. The once broad gap between genres has been blurred and the experience made viral. As a new cultural revolution unveils itself to the masses, one artist has been able to navigate himself throught time and space to shed light on a whole new spectrum. Creating an identity and following sunseen the human eye, he pronounced himself "Everything you Love about Life and Hate about yourself." Born in Central Islip, New York(Long Island! Woop! Woop!), raised in Fort Worth Texas, Myneiss stated the following "I rarely get the whole story, but I was told she went into back labor right coming here lol. I was the super geek....but in ghetto schools growing up lol. Street Smarts Meets Brains and Happily Ever After."

Myneiss is pronounced like My-Nice not Minus or Myniece. I have gotten all the " Has Anybody Ever Told You You Look Like Lines (Mickey Factz, Kanye West, Chuck English etc). Hailing from Fort Worth Texas, home of staple music cities like Houston and Dallas,Wearing Jeans (Non-Brand) V-Neck (All Brand) Lol, a Dirty Brown Splattered Members Only Jacket, Spike Lee specs and a pair of Supra, with the behavior of a token black guy from a Seth Rogen Film I prolly look more lost Than like Next Rap Superstar. As far as music gooes I like Making all kinds of music as long as it jams and I like it. Im in a production team with my brother/artist Sin "Sinphony Flowchestra" I also help manage the group "Sky R.O.C.C.K Academy" and getting my non prof official "L.I.K.W.I.D." When You See My Name representing a product or any music there is no telling what i did inside the project besides rap. Im just me to be honest, a 20 year old Nerd from the south fitting enough stereo types to stay considered black and missing enough of them to keep me from getting a ticket. Llloyd Dobler, Meets Donny Darko, Meets Carlton Banks, Meets Will Smith The Fresh Prince In a nutshell......

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Tony Towerz: Something Illusory

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“The greatest con that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you,” Revolve

Today’s musical artists are constantly trying to rip the seams that have previously held distinct genres of music apart. Some may bring you R&B on a pop track. Some are presently resurrecting the 1980s under rap verses. Most fail in what they intend to do. But Atlanta’s own Tony Towerz takes you beyond samples alone, beyond genre-stacking and into genre-re-creation. He aims to rescue you from popular names’ empty experimentation and take you into his artistry.

The singer-songwriter-producer-musician draws from his own experience and taps into his influences of David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Bobby Brown. But Tony Towerz' music pulsates; it vibes to itself and somehow, each track you hear forces you into a conversation with yourself. “This sounds like X. Well, no, not really. But I like this.” Teaming up with his childhood friend and producer, ScottChris. They formed together the production team “The Ultra Beat Boyz” which includes two other members Furious & B. Walker. Together they deliver a project that is at once a consistent vibe executed through tracks that disturb your truths about musical genres. It is a blessing and a nuisance that Towerz is truly “Already Lonely.”
His fit into the current music scene is purely an illusion… However, Towerz is confident there’s room for listeners. Consider this your invitation to... Plastik Soul

To download Tony Towerz latest mixtape Plastik Soul go to http://plastiksoul.com/

for more info contact: ultracreativemusic@gmail.com
or follow @scottchris on Twitter - twitter.com/scottchris



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For some, creating a brand is a way out of the hood, a trend that has over saturated the fashion industry with mediocracy. For others, a clothing line may provide additional branding to an existing household name. Then you have the selective few, who against all odds, take the passion for fashion to un paralleled heights, providing a presence while promoting prestige. Prooving that perseverence is key when facing any uphill battle, Anthony "Marquel " Williamson is considered to be the posterchild of prosperity amongst his peers and collegues.

Inspired by the opportunity to provide a person with confidence, and assisting in them feeling good about themselves, Marquel has set out to re store the once fashion savy L.A market, along with a host of other places. By building a brand that every day comsumer can comply with, along with attracting the eye of the upper echelon colture conisuer, Marquel will cement his footprints in the Fashion world.

The "Marquel 1823" line has been tested in the California and New York markets. Receiving nothing but positive feedback and purchasing inquiries, Marquel continues to supply the demand, displaying a wide varieity of apparel, creating the new "in" versus following trends of other solitified and up & coming designers.

Offering a spectrum of hand crafted pieces for male and female alike, (many of which are a 1 of 1) the leg work has a already been done as the line continues to gain supporters. The authenticity of a Marquel 1823 piece goes beyond its fabric or vibrant appeal. Each item is customized to embrace the likes of the consumer. Does this slow down the process? Of course it does, but the end result of a person walking the streets knowing that no one has this exact sweater on is more gratifying then running off 50 of the exact same T-shirt.

In the process of producing material, Marquel takes time out to display an ensemble of products, by not only participating in hi scale fashion shows, but by also providing various models and money makers with pieces, branding the line with some of the best in their respective industries. The sky is the limit for the determined designer and as time progresses and the not so promising industry regresses, the Marquel 1823 brand will continue to gain momentum by catering to those who not only look for what's in the now, but also those who can appreciate affordable alternatives to look good in.

CONTACT INFO TWITTER: www.twitter.com/marquel1823 EMAIL: quel1823@gmail.com

For Marquel 1823 first photo shoot, Williamson teams up with our all time favorite photographer Neef Fresh! Neef was the first blog post for Under the Radar Society in June 2009. (http://boogysociety.blogspot.com/2009/06/girl-is-fresh-its-neef-fresh.html)

To book Neef Fresh for an event, graphic work, or modeling portfolio please contact her via:
EMAIL: neeffresh@aol.com